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La Comida Tradicional de Espaņa


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Just like the appetizers and main courses, the desserts of Spain vary throughout the regions and most have been around for many years.  Generally, Spain is known for their savory flan, Tocino del Cielo, polvorones cookies, and Churros.  Most of these traditional desserts have a few common ingredients, milk, eggs, and sugar. Flan is an egg based custard that is served cold. Flan usually has a vanilla flavor but there are many others such as caramel or coconut. 
Another traditional dessert is the Tocino del Cielo.  Tocino del Cielo is a mix between flan and tortilla de patata. It is normally made up of only 3 ingredients: sugar, water, and egg yolks.  This dessert originated in Andalusia and the recipe has stayed the same for hundreds of years. 
Polvorones are almond cookies that have been baked for centuries.  These cookies are very popular, especially around Christmas.  They are very light, and covered in powdered sugar, usually leaving a big, but delicious mess.
Churros are typically served for breakfast.  It was named Churro for its horn like shape.  Churros are fried and covered in sugar.  A lot of people enjoy dipping them in coffee or hot chocolate.  Although it is not necessarily considered a dessert, it is a pastry that is very traditional and is made throughout Spain.