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La Comida Tradicional de España


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Aside from Spain's famous olives and olive oil, Spain is also known for its world renowned wines.  It is ranked 3rd in the entire world for the production of wine, ranking only after Italy and France.  There are about 3 million acres of land used specifically for growing the hundreds of different kinds of grapes used to make Spanish wines.  The main wine regions include Catalonia, La Mancha and La Rioja. La Rioja has a lot of vineyards due to its highly dense soil.  Typically, La Rioja is well known for its production of red wines, whereas Galicia and Catalonia are known for their production of sherry and white wine.
Spain produces both white and red wines, but they produce a lot more white wine than red due to the amounts of sherry and brandy they produce.  The most commonly used grape is the Airén, which is used for white wines, brandy, and sherry. Some other grapes used for white wines include Palomino and Macabeo.  The most popular grape for red wine is the Tempranillo.  Like the other various types of foods that I studied, Spanish wine is definitely a major part of Spain's culture and a way to socialize and be with friends.  There are many great vineyards throughout the wine regions in which people may visit to see how exactly it is that Spain makes its wine and what makes it so special.



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