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La Comida Tradicional de Espaņa

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Eating in Spain is an experience to remember. From the drinks to the social atmosphere, Spain likes to keep tradition and enjoy the food that they have been cooking for centuries.  Typical eating habits in Spain include a light breakfast, large lunch, and a very late dinner.  Both lunch and dinner are usually very social events that almost alway include the famous Spanish wines.  Although that are thousands of different types of foods that you can find throughout Spain, some traditional dishes are forever present and are hard not to love.  This website will walk you through the traditional cuisines that have been in Spain for many years and what makes them so special. Every region has its own version of each Spanish recipe and its own secret ingredient. In Spain, food is a major part of its culture, not only by going to restaurants and sharing tapas and wine, but also sitting in the kitchen baking Churros and having conversation and teaching generation after generation what it is that makes traditional Spanish food so important to Spanish culture.